Caricatures of Groups

I am often asked to draw caricatures of groups of people. This ranges from a small group of four like this:

John, Paul, George and Alex

to a huge group of up to SIXTY people! Like this (there are 44 in this one):

Army Group Caricature

This is a group of officers from the 2nd Princess of Wales Regiment.

And Group Caricatures are particularly satisfying (for both the caricaturist and the client) when they are in colour:

Goldman Sachs Ski Trip

This one was for investment bank, Goldman Sachs

One problem of embarking upon such a large project is usually that the client hasn’t allowed enough time to get it done for their deadline, being unaware of how long it takes to draw roughs of each individual face for their approval and then seeing a rough of the finished layout before going to finished artwork. But once schedules are worked out and a reasonable fee is agreed, most of these jobs go without a hitch.

One of the benefits of being a caricaturist in London is that many big businesses have their HQs here and often approach me about such large caricaturing projects. Also, it’s convenient, if I am getting the pictures framed, as I often do, so that I can personally deliver framed caricatures anywhere in London.


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