Caricaturing at The Not Forgotten Association

Every year I am delighted to be able to entertain the troops, literally, by caricaturing at The Not Forgotten Association‘s Annual Christmas Lunch. This is held in the splendour of St James’ Palace, London and hosts lunch for a few hundred old service men and veterans from recent conflicts. In previous years I had the pleasure of meeting the last surviving soldier from the First World War and there are still many attending who are in their late eighties and nineties. Say what you like, it seems that if you can survive the horrors that many of these brave people did then you are bound to survive normal life with relative ease. I’ll have whatever they’re taking!

They are an extremely friendly bunch and really appreciate my trivial offerings (The London Caricaturist doing humility!). Lots of other entertainers are there too, including magicians, balloon modellers and various celebrities.

Kate Adie was there once again (I met her here last year) and I was surprised that the soldiers didn’t hurl themselves under the tables at the sight of her as she normally only appears in war zones. One time BBC news reader Moira Stuart was delighted with her caricature, saying she wished she looked like that! (Eh? – Good response) and Tony Blackburn was a little put out when I accidentally called him Terry! Who can blame him? But it was not Wogan I was thinking of, but a fellow cartoonist, Terry Christien, whose laid-back demeanour has often been described as that of a Radio 2 DJ!

The Royal Family was represented by their resident workaholic, HRH Princess Anne, although we entertainers are always advised to keep our distance from her. Who knows what security breach would be caused by an errant caricature or magic trick!

Sadly, this entry is not illustrated because the batteries in my camera died on me. But you only have to look through the pics on this site to see me with Kate Adie last year!


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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. You don’t agree with me about what?

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