Latest Photos of The London Caricaturist in Action!


It’s been a busy week for the London Caricaturist. Tuesday was spent entertaining the wonderful bright young things of new satirical website, Eyebrow, where I duly overturned a table laden with nachos and beer, in the true tradition of satire and anarchy. It went down well in more ways than one.

Wednesday’s event has already been covered in a previous post (that’s when I was teamed up with comedian Brian Damage to entertain PatSystems). On Thursday, I was sent into the wilds of Berkshire/Hampshire to track down the Clearswift Xmas party where I found many willing recipients of my graphical satire in the environs of Trunkwell House. And finally, on Friday I was at the incredible Landmark Hotel in Marylebone dishing out caricatures AND my Million Pound Notes to the lucky financial globetrotters of Pimco Europe (not that they need the extra millions!)

I do believe that the pics enlarge if stimulated by a little digital poking, in both the anatomical and electronic sense!

Bex Thornton of Eyebrow Magazine Clearswift party guest Clearswift party guest No 2 Pimco lady Pimco Man Another Pimco Man


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