Cartoonist draws 952 caricatures in 24 hours for charity

Here’s an interesting blog I came across today. Conveniently, it means I don’t have to write my own!

This is from Cartoon News Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cartoonist draws 952 caricatures in 24 hours for charity

SINGAPORE: A Singapore artist spent 24 hours drawing to raise money for charity. The cartoonist, who goes by the name Peter Draw, drew nearly 1,000 caricatures for people at East Coast Park. The speedy drawings proved to be a hit and instead of being charged for the caricatures, people were encouraged to donate money to Habitat for Humanity Singapore – an organisation that builds homes for poor families in Batam. The challenge started at 7pm on Saturday evening and there was a steady stream of visitors throughout. Peter survived on water and did not take a single toilet break. “All the while, I was thinking about the children who need a home so it didn’t occur to me that I needed to go for a break. Towards the last few drawings, I actually felt some pain,” he said. The challenge raised more than S$8,000 – about S$1,000 more than the original target needed for volunteers to build a home and to give a family a helping hand.

More amazing than the production of caricatures is the lack of toilet breaks over 24 hours! I mean, is this man human?


4 Responses

  1. His hands must have ached so…. I find that when I type too much, I need to stretch my fingers back into shape. Oh yes, that’s right… ugh… I’m just getting old, haha. Thanks for sharing this – fascinating.

  2. When he said he felt pain I assumed he meant his bladder!

  3. “Man who draws 1,000 caricatures in 24 hours promptly gives up drawing!”

    Any day now, we’ll open our newspapers and see this headline…

  4. This young man is awesome! Inspiring story to share with many!

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