Tony and Cherie Blair

Here’s an old favourite which I have just added to the PORTFOLIO

Tony and Cherie Blair

It’s simply our former Prime Minister and his wife, Tony and Cherie Blair during that period (1997-2007, I believe) when they would jet off to exotic locations, usually free of charge, while the UK was crumbling around them.


4 Responses

  1. Exotic places like Texas…am I right 😉

  2. hahahaa i quite like this one, reminds me of the simpsons episode when they go to england, but kinda the other way around.

    he should have a burger and mcdonalds in his hand aswell


    nice drawing either way…

    do you work for a paper?(newspaper)

  3. Ha! but gawd help me Gordon Brown just doesn’t have quite the same voyeuristic appeal… or is it just me?

  4. You like looking at Tony Blair????

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