Cartoons For Salesmen!

This was one of my favourite projects of 2007. I had to produce twenty cartoons to illustrate the book, The Accidental Salesman, by Richard White.

The Accidental Salesman

Richard White is a charismatic and inspiring sales trainer and coach. An accountant by training, he found the he was ‘accidentally’ becoming a salesman. The key to successful business generation, he says, is a combination of ‘soft’ selling, telling customers ‘stories’ and getting to know your niche market.

But when you meet him, you also realise that a very important part to becoming a successful salesman is to be a ‘nice’ person and to spend time talking to people regardless of the possibility of a commercial outcome.

These cartoons were drawn to a very tight brief which made them very easy to do as Richard already had the images  he wanted in his mind’s eye.

The simplicity of the line, in unfettered black and white, serves to get the message across cleanly without distraction. This type of cartoon works well in books and also in Powerpoint presentations and on the Web.


6 Responses

  1. Love the cartoons! Especially the proposal one (wit hthe projector) and the rollercoster. Very funny stuff.

  2. thanks for the comment mate. i sadly did know that about ‘book’ – ‘cool’…the laziness of our society is astonishing indeed. i just checked out a bunch of your work….i love it man. i might have you do some stuff for me sometime. i love all kinds of art and i find yours really fun. keep them coming brother

  3. Im worried about the doctor one… what is he doing with that nipple!? haha… fab stuff.

  4. Just want to say how professional Simon is and what a pleasure he is to work with. I get lots of favourable comments and I am delighted to recommend Simon.

    Best wishes

    Richard White
    The Accidental Salesman®

  5. Thank you Richard!

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