London Caricaturist Website Work Continues

My website is undergoing a complete re-design by Victor Taylor.

At the moment, it looks a little scrappy, as I did it myself a little over a year ago. But as Victor is about to step in and soup it up, I have had the courage to tinker with the front page a little, safe in the knowledge that it will all soon be perfect!

I’ve added THE FILM, which is very exciting as anyone visiting the site can immediately watch me at work in a live party.

Website Home Page

By the end of January, the big re-launch will include all-new portfolio pictures, a new load of photos from events and a constantly updated News Page.

Also, on the Caricatures from Photos page, customers will be able to instantly upload their photos for caricatures and all payments will be payable through PayPal.

I can’t wait!


2 Responses

  1. Good Luck there…hey are you going to do one of Hillary Clinton Crying?

    Yeah, I guess there’s not much you can do to that- is there?

  2. Just going through your stuff. Really, really good stuff..I can’t even draw a matchstick! Maybe that’s why I stuck to photography.

    Thanks for stepping by me site!

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