The Caricaturist’s Promotional Season

It’s that time of year when all of us caricaturists take stock and work on new promotional material.

With less work around and other businesses slowly getting their marketing campaigns and budgets organised, this is the ideal time for The London Caricaturist to send out a new mailshot.

Caricaturist Mailshot

It’s always hard to decide what to put in and what to leave out when designing a mailshot. There are so many pictures I would like people to see, yet I don’t want the page to look crowded and I don’t want go to the expense of a four-pager. You always get the superstition that, yes, this one example of my work is the one which will trigger the multi-million pound cartoon advertising campaign. But in the end, you put up something that proves your ability and shows your style and make damn sure the telephone numbers and email addresses are visible.

I’m quite happy with the mailshot (above) as it encompasses all of my activities that would be of interest to Marketing Directors and Entertainment Agents.

And that’s another story. How do you get the addresses of prospective clients? maybe I’ll reveal my methods in a future post! (And maybe I won’t!)


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