A lovely and gorgeous moppet of moistness

These words are still inadequate to describe the almost erogenous Dr George Sik (sic). Since around 2001 he has been generously probing me with large wads of cash in order to elicit breathlessly graphic climaxes in the form of caricatures.

He not only wants caricatures, but he also exercises my graphic skills by demanding, in his seductively charming way, unusual settings and draperies. Thus, there he is in all his splendour, second from the right in the Abbey Road spoof.

And, of course, his japeries at the expense of his friends knows no bounds as you can see in the Clint Eastwood rip-off, above.

Gorgeous George runs a

business consultancy, character psychometry-sort-of-thingy-type thing, <a

href=”http://www.erasltd.co.uk/?p=training_psy”>Eras Ltd. It says on his website, so it must be true, that Dr. Geoge Sik
BSc (Hons), PhD, C. Psychol, AFBPsS, CSci Consultant Psychologist is one of the most prominent psychologists in the country and has probably trained more people to use and understand psychometric tests and questionnaires than anyone in the world. He has published on the use of personality

assessment in the workplace in academic journals, HR publications and the national press and frequently comments on psychological matters on the radio and on television.

He has co-authored several well-known questionnaires, most recently The Quest Profiler™. He is also very involved in applying psychological techniques in sport – particularly personality profiling.

Wow! Fantastic-ness overload! George asked me to commemorate his partnership in this company with the following cartoon.

Can you guess which TV personalities they are impersonating?

An abiding theme, nay obsession, throughout many of the commissions that gargantually-gifted George has pleasured me with is – and, yes, I found this difficult to tie in with his erudite, professorial image – Newcastle United!

Quite a few of the cartoons have had a footballing theme (see above) and, indeed, I believe the Surbiton Sage (for that is his habitat) has written a book about his beloved football club.

And sometimes he has a sly dig at his friends’ favoured footballing establishments:

But most of all, George’s delightful enthusiasm and positive energy radiate through and make him the most wonderful client for a cartoonist to have!

I dare say he’ll be asking me for a discount now!

Feel free to contact George with any queries at Eras Limited, through the website here.


Caricature for The Vita Group

This is the latest caricature commission off the drawing board.

It’s a Black and White A3 caricature which I draw from photos submitted by email. The client supplies all the additional information, hence the kilt, cigarette, Diet Cokes, Choccy Bics and Blackberry.

Vita Group Caricature

As an ex-newspaper cartoonist, I ‘m quite keen on the traditional ‘newspaper style’ of cross-hatching. This is the method by which it is possible to suggest depth and form and is totally engrossing.

Now, I have to get back to the final two cartoons for the Beckham Project! More on that later!

Cheesy Feat of Scientist’s Feet

The Times, back in 1995, revealed some more tedious pranks being played in the name of science.
Bart Knols (crazy name, crazy guy!) of Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands was helping to divine which part of the body most attracts mosquitos. Lying in a tent, in only his underpants, his feet seemed to be the most popular gastronomic destination for the insatiable insects.

To prove that mosquitoes do concentrate on feet, the razor-witted men of test tubes passed wind (sic) over some Limburger cheese which is widely believed to smell like old socks.

Predictably, the mosquitoes went wild.

Conclusion: mosquitoes like Limburger cheese, therefore they attack human feet.

What this really proves, however, is that poor old Bart Knols’ feet smell like Limburger and that would be quite nice accompanied by some onions, salami and mayonnaise inside a wholemeal bap. Or maybe he could grate his tasty corns and bunions over his colleagues’ spaghetti bolognese. No more need for expensive Parmesan. And, of course, with time allowed for new layers to grow, Bart’s feet could provide an inexhaustible supply for Holland’s top restaurants.

Caricaturist on Magazine Cover!

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Caricature from Photo Emailed Back to You! £60.00

One of my most popular services is the Emailed Caricature.

You send me a photo, I draw the caricature at 150dpi, A5 size, head and shoulders only and I email it back to you!

Email Caricature

Here’s one I did today.

All you need to do is send payment by Paypal to simon@caricatures.org.uk and then email the photos.

The cost is £60.00 ($120.00).

Here’s another one:

Email Caricature 2

Let me tell you MORE about Emailed Caricatures! 

What are you going to do when you grow up?

Half a century later and I am still undecided. I’ve managed to hack out a living from cartoons and caricatures, all the while being in love with writing, humour, TV and films. If I could equal the living I’m making simply by tapping a keyboard and eventually seeing the contents of my fevered imagination spilled all over a TV or cinema screen, I would do it like a shot. Maybe it’s not too late for me to burst upon the advertising scene, or maybe I could become a quirky TV presenter. I could launch my own line of pink fashion flares or a range of pasta sauces with my beaming face on the labels. With my imagination I could come up with ‘a new type of bank account’ – one which pays no interest whatsoever. Or perhaps I could simply come up with A Totally New Concept and sell it without saying what the concept is. I could become a Life Coach and teach people how to breathe in and then breathe out. “That’ll keep you alive.” The Wealth Creation Industry appeals to me. Their huge factories in the Welsh valleys spewing out smoke from wealth creating mills from which lorries drive out carrying piles of newly made wealth to sell to eager customers all over the world. And of course, it’ll all be because I want to help people. I want to help people to help me. I’ll publish self-help books in which I propound that in order to help yourself you just have to help yourself. And these, of course, will spawn websites and social networks devoted to my teachings. I will teach Gurus how to be Gurus and there will be many levels of networker whom I will teach to be totally altruistic in their desire to pay me their subscriptions.

Maybe I should go into satire. Though it’s not as funny as slapstick.

Do YOU know what you want to be when you grow up?

Short Poem

Short Poem
Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria,
Ronnie Corbett, Frankie Dettori,
Mohamed Al Fayed, Carla from Cheers,
Angus Deayton, Ben Elton,
Michael J Fox, Red Skelton
Red Buttons, Dustin Hoffman,
And in built-up shoes,
Tom Cruise.
Lester Piggott, Mickey Rooney,
Ian Hislop, Rosemary Clooney
Lulu, Robin Cook, Dudley Moore,
Jimmy Clitheroe, Danny DeVito,
Lou Costello, Robert DeNiro
Al Pacino, Quentin Tarantino,
And in built-up shoes,
Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise

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