A lovely and gorgeous moppet of moistness

These words are still inadequate to describe the almost erogenous Dr George Sik (sic). Since around 2001 he has been generously probing me with large wads of cash in order to elicit breathlessly graphic climaxes in the form of caricatures.

He not only wants caricatures, but he also exercises my graphic skills by demanding, in his seductively charming way, unusual settings and draperies. Thus, there he is in all his splendour, second from the right in the Abbey Road spoof.

And, of course, his japeries at the expense of his friends knows no bounds as you can see in the Clint Eastwood rip-off, above.

Gorgeous George runs a

business consultancy, character psychometry-sort-of-thingy-type thing, <a

href=”http://www.erasltd.co.uk/?p=training_psy”>Eras Ltd. It says on his website, so it must be true, that Dr. Geoge Sik
BSc (Hons), PhD, C. Psychol, AFBPsS, CSci Consultant Psychologist is one of the most prominent psychologists in the country and has probably trained more people to use and understand psychometric tests and questionnaires than anyone in the world. He has published on the use of personality

assessment in the workplace in academic journals, HR publications and the national press and frequently comments on psychological matters on the radio and on television.

He has co-authored several well-known questionnaires, most recently The Quest Profiler™. He is also very involved in applying psychological techniques in sport – particularly personality profiling.

Wow! Fantastic-ness overload! George asked me to commemorate his partnership in this company with the following cartoon.

Can you guess which TV personalities they are impersonating?

An abiding theme, nay obsession, throughout many of the commissions that gargantually-gifted George has pleasured me with is – and, yes, I found this difficult to tie in with his erudite, professorial image – Newcastle United!

Quite a few of the cartoons have had a footballing theme (see above) and, indeed, I believe the Surbiton Sage (for that is his habitat) has written a book about his beloved football club.

And sometimes he has a sly dig at his friends’ favoured footballing establishments:

But most of all, George’s delightful enthusiasm and positive energy radiate through and make him the most wonderful client for a cartoonist to have!

I dare say he’ll be asking me for a discount now!

Feel free to contact George with any queries at Eras Limited, through the website here.


2 Responses

  1. Nice work Simon! It’s great when someone can push you to expand your creative juices! The composition is one area I often find difficult to come up with. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. And you’re one of my erogenous zones, too, Steve!

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