Recent Commission for London Caricaturist

This was another  caricature commission from the wonderful Dr George Sik whom I wrote about in an earlier post.

Surbiton Strawberry

He just sends me the photos and detailed description about what he wants and I draw the caricature and post it back to him. I don’t have to understand intrinsically what is going on. It looks like it’s a regular gathering of friends who happen to be Newcastle United supporters at a Surbiton pub they have jocularly renamed The Surbiton Strawberry for reasons best known to themselves!

However – another thoroughly enjoyable  job.


One Response

  1. George Sik writes to explain:

    Hi Simon!

    So why ‘The Surbiton Strawberry’? Allow me to elucidate…

    The pub you drew and renamed is really called The Elm Tree and was, until recently, The Hogshead in Surbiton. Over the course of this football season it has, by a series of unlikely quirks and coincidences, become the meeting place for a large (and currently highly disaffected – hence our grim expressions!) group of Newcastle United fans. ‘The Committee’ of four (me included) are their spiritual leaders.

    In honour of the Newcastle connection, we have named it after The Strawberry, the most famous Newcastle United supporters’ pub, across the road from St James’ Park stadium. Built into the stadium itself is Shearer’s Bar, so we have ‘Surbiton Shearer’s Sensible Nite-Spot’ (after all, Alan Shearer was noted for enjoying himself by creosoting the garden fence). We also have a urinal in tribute to Freddy Shepherd, our much-loved former Chairman (tribute song enclosed).

    I hope this explains everything.



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