Fifty Four People Needed

I need 54 more people to visit this blog to reach the landmark 5,000 hits!

I would give a prize to the 5,000th visitor but have no idea how to monitor this accurately!


10 Responses

  1. Go Simon…What superb work you do, we love our book cover 🙂

    A few more hits and you will have reached 5,000


  2. The things I do for fellow Ecademists 😉

    Hope you get your 5000 and more Simon!

  3. Well done on the 5000 hits and here’s to many more 🙂

  4. Do I win a prize for the most handsome visitor to your cool blog?

  5. It is cool, isn’t it? Yes, Steve you win a Coca-Cola the next time we meet!

  6. 5000!!!!!! What are you doin Simon….standing on the street corners handing out leaflets with your blog on??????

  7. No, Kelly – just the cyber equivalent: pinging, linking, writing articles on other sites, posting free ads etc. You can’t sit still!

  8. I’m paying you a visit. Thanks for kind words.

  9. Thanks all!

    Do keep coming back!

  10. One more on your way to 5000! See you in a couple of weeks in Louviers!
    And don’t eat to many easter eggs!!


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