Caricature Entertainment in Outer Space!

For the past three months I have been undergoing an extremely exciting experience.

Richard Branson’s venture into space flight is being preceded by his ‘Space Entertainment Agency’ with which he is supplying heavily sponsored artistes and entertainers to fly out to the International Space Station to help relieve the boredom of astronauts’ long haul missions.

Here he is with me at the SEA launch party:

Since November, I have been on weekly trips to US Air bases in the UK undergoing fitness and procedure training for my first assignment, in June. I have lost a stone in weight and regularly swim three miles a week. The weightlessness training started with underwater exercises in complete space suit:

There are many other entertainers on the SEA roster including magicians, hypnotists, tarot card readers, fire eaters and jugglers.

In June, a six man team will blaast off from Cape Canaverel to join the crew aboard the International Space Station to keep them entertained over a week long period.

I’m quite scared, but it should be the most fantastic experience of my life! I’ll keep you posted.

Richard Branson’s team are also looking for a Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker to join the team to boost the Space Station’s crew morale and positive thinking.

If you think you would like to have a go, contact me as soon as possible and I’ll point you to the relevant sites.


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  1. Hilarious – Please be sure to give my love to Richard 🙂

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