Cheesey Feat of Scientist’s Feet

The Times, back in 1995, revealed some more tedious pranks being played in the name of science.
Bart Knols (crazy name, crazy guy!) of Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands was helping to divine which part of the body most attracts mosquitos. Lying in a tent, in only his underpants, his feet seemed to be the most popular gastronomic destination for the insatiable insects.

To prove that mosquitoes do concentrate on feet, the razor-witted men of test tubes passed wind (sic) over some Limburger cheese which is widely believed to smell like old socks.

Predictably, the mosquitoes went wild.

Conclusion: mosquitoes like Limburger cheese, therefore they attack human feet.

What this really proves, however, is that poor old Bart Knols’ feet smell like Limburger and that would be quite nice accompanied by some onions, salami and mayonnaise inside a wholemeal bap. Or maybe he could grate his tasty corns and bunions over his colleagues’ spaghetti bolognese. No more need for expensive Parmesan. And, of course, with time allowed for new layers to grow, Bart’s feet could provide an inexhaustible supply for Holland’s top restaurants.


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