Oh, Mama, can this really be the end, To be stuck inside of Mobile With the Memphis blues again?

Well, not so much Memphis, more like High Wycombe which sounds less poetic.

Returning from a job last night I was shocked to see the petrol gauge flashing alarmingly.

After a few gut wrenching miles along the M40, I found a darkened forecourt belonging to Asda which had credit card petrol pumps.


With tank happily replete I continued my journey.

Then the car started losing power. An emergency light came on saying ‘Stop Car’.

I knew immediately what had happened. I had accidentally filled up with Diesel in the darkened petrol station.

Managing to trundle along the hard shoulder to an emergency phone I was delighted to hear that a recovery vehicle would be along within half an hour.

It was cold and getting colder so I ignored the advice to stay outside the car and tried to keep warm with the few layers available to me.

Imagining all sorts of things, I tempered my worst fears by reminding myself that I was not stranded on Everest and I wasn’t in No Man’s Land in the First World War, which made things feel a bit better.

All the other traffic sped past, swaying my car, seemingly oblivious to my plight. It seemed as though they were other creatures marauding down the motorway – not people. I wondered whether anyone would stop. They didn’t. I wondered if I would be scared if a stranger, apart from the official Recovery man, DID stop – who knows who you might encounter out there in the barren, anonymous wastes of a motorway?

Of course they were NOT there within half an hour, but I was bloody grateful when he turned up an hour and half later. He brought me and the car home for a very reasonable £79.00 (A taxi fare would have been at least double this.)

It’s a hired car, but I still have to pay for the engine cleansing.

So, more than half my fee for that night’s work has been sucked away by my carelessness, but, hey – it could have been worse. I’M STILL ALIVE! And we can even laugh about it now! In fact, I encourage you all to have a good laugh at my expense. I hope this has brightened your day!


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