The Complex Group Caricature – The Composition

In the brief I have been given several distinct groups of people in different settings. But all of them must come together in one finished illustration.

So, first of all I drew a very rough Rough to show the client.

Next, I start sketching out all the individual scenarios

All these are sent to the client for approval and amendments made if necessary.

Then the next step is to stictch all this together into a finished rough!

Watch this space!.


2 Responses

  1. I am interested in getting a caricature drawn. I need five figues. I have the photographs for the artist to work from. How much is it likely to cost and how long will it take? Will we own all of the rights?

    I am in London. How do you accept payment, how does one pay and how is delivery made.

  2. 5 Caricatures B&W (A2 sheet of paper):
    Heads and shoulders only: £100.00
    Full bodies and details: £150.00
    Additional prints (A3): £2.50 each.

    10 Caricatures Colour:
    Heads and shoulders only: £200.00
    Full bodies and details: £300.00
    Additional prints (A3): £10.00 each.

    Turnaround time from receipt of photos: about 2 weeks.
    You will see a rough version before finished artwork.

    I need good recent close up photos of each person. Mention eye colour if ordering in colour.
    I can come to you to take photos if required.

    Black and white artwork is ink on Bristol Board.
    Colour Artwork is a digital printout.

    Mounting and Framing is possible:
    A2: £80.00
    A3: £60.00
    Includes safe delivery within UK.

    Postage and packing is extra.

    A 25% deposit is required.

    There is no VAT.

    Payable by Paypal to

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