Caricature Entertainment at Weddings!

Weddings are the ideal occasion to have a caricaturist entertaining guests.

When it comes to entertainment, you always want something spectacular and memorable to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Standard entertainment like bands, discos and magicians are all a very good part of the mix. But what do they leave you with? Wonderful memories, of course, and perhaps they feature in one or two photos but what do your guests take away with them? Nothing!

Dinner Table Woman at Imagination Gallery Laughing Woman

Two ladies Three people Two men

Bald Man at PatSystems party Big Chinned Man Dinner Table Group

Old Man Two More Ladies

If you have a cartoonist at your wedding drawing caricatures, your guests are not only highly entertained, ‘victim’ and spectators alike, but they take away a unique memento of your special day! An original piece of artwork.

The caricaturist at a wedding can entertain during the quiet of the Reception before you all sit down to eat, or they can circulate amongst the tables during the early part of the meal (but BEFORE the lights go down and the dancing begins!)

Each sheet of paper can be pre-printed with the names of the happy couple, the date and the venue, so each recipient always remembers your wonderful day.

And, of course, with happy, comic banter accompanying my every move, the whole experience is akin to a multi-media comedy show!

The pics shown here include other parties as well as weddings, but the process of entertainment is the same! Click to enlarge!


6 Responses

  1. Hiya Scrummie!
    How are you?
    H xx

  2. Hello Helen!

  3. An excellent addition to Wedding entertainment. I have never thought of that. I will keep you in mind for any clients of mine wanting something different!!

  4. What an excellent addition to wedding entertainment!
    I will keep you in mind for any of my clients wanting something different!


  5. This is a refreshing lovely blog and I found some drawings quite good.

    I would never guess you could this art work in weddings.

    Nice idea !

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