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Phew! I’ve been busy!

Not only have I had an in-tray full of the usual caricatures-from-photos commissions, but I have also had character design work for an advertising campaign (the tortoise and hare), a commission of Madonna for a London website, Cockney Online, a cartoon for NHS Management Consultants, Amnis Ltd – that’s the one with what looks like Dr Who and the Tardis (but, for legal reasons, could just as well be any old Police Box and a bloke in a long coat!).

The group caricature work is particularly time consuming but great fun – and it keeps me off the streets!

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Photos from latest On Spot Caricaturing jobs!

IN BETWEEN studio caricatures and cartoons I have been on the road travelling the length and breadth of the country, oh alright, Middlesex, Surrey and Oxfordshire, purveying my unique brand of caricature entertainment. Here are some of my latest victims:

caricatures in Eastcote

ABOVE: Two cheeky girls in Eastcote, Middlesex. BELOW: A gaggle of delighted customers (despite some of the facial expressions!) in Milton Manor House, Oxon. BOTTOM: The Mayor and Lady Mayor of Didcot looking extremely pleased at Milton Manor House.

caricatures at Milton Hill

caricatures at Milton Hill

Help Yourself to One Million Pounds! £1,000,000!

Yes! The London Caricaturist would like to create a few more millionaires in the world.
Simply print out the top two images on this page then turn the paper over and print the bottom two images and with a little luck and, no doubt, a bit of trial and error, you can print your own Million Pound Notes!

Million Pound Note 1

London Caricaturist Million Pound Note 2

London Caricaturist Million Pound Note 2

Million Pound Note 1

Don’t spend it all at once!

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Sir Alan Sugar Caricatured by The London Caricaturist!

Amstrad boss and terrifying nemesis of many would-be entrepreneurs on TV show The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.

His good friend and Aviation expert, George Galanopoulos sensibly commissioned a colour caricature of Sir Alan and his wife Lady Ann. My good friend and colleague, Steve Hearn was unable to complete this in time so he kindly put George (and his wife Amanda) in touch with me.

As they’re so much into flying and tennis, the following image was approved and the finished colour caricature was very well-received!
Sir Alan and Lady Anne Sugar

The Speech bubbles were not my idea – George commissioned those as well! Apparently the Sugars would find them very funny!

How to draw a Complex Group Caricature – Final Stages

Now is the time to piece together the individual drawings and merge them in Photoshop


Once they are scanned in as a single black and white artwork, I add layer upon layer of colour until the cartoon looks ‘finished’.

Sometimes it is best to conserve computer memory by colouring in each section before merging together but this causes some matching problems where each image abuts the other.

A few finishing touches like the requested gnomes (I’ve no idea why!) and the client is very happy with the artwork!

Latest glowing testimonial for The London Caricaturist!

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