Sir Alan Sugar Caricatured by The London Caricaturist!

Amstrad boss and terrifying nemesis of many would-be entrepreneurs on TV show The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.

His good friend and Aviation expert, George Galanopoulos sensibly commissioned a colour caricature of Sir Alan and his wife Lady Ann. My good friend and colleague, Steve Hearn was unable to complete this in time so he kindly put George (and his wife Amanda) in touch with me.

As they’re so much into flying and tennis, the following image was approved and the finished colour caricature was very well-received!
Sir Alan and Lady Anne Sugar

The Speech bubbles were not my idea – George commissioned those as well! Apparently the Sugars would find them very funny!


3 Responses

  1. Great job Simon! I knew you would be the man for the job!

  2. Thanks Steve. Thanks for passing it on!

  3. Hi Simon

    I am very new to drawing cartoon caricatures myself and would really appreciate you passing by and taking a peep at my recent ‘Sir Alan’ cartoon. I’m loving your work and any feedback would be massivvely appreciated.

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