Why I have been away

Sorry about the lack of updates, folks, but you know what it’s like.

Not only have I been madly busy, but I have also been asked to develop the idea for a sitcom! Nothing will be revealed about that until it is listed in Radio Times!

Below is a montage of all the things that have been keeping me busy!

Me with fellow caricaturist Alfie Deliss. I\'m holding a caricature he did of me and he\'s holding one I did of him. The great and good succumb to my charms! the \'instant\' Emailed Caricature This was a group corporate caricature produced from photos for an executive who was retiring

A simple caricature designed for printing onto a t-shirt Two satisfied clients at The Natural History Museum Caricatured at the Natural History Museum - They don\'t look UNhappy! The length of nose is a key feature for a caricaturist!

An old freind tracked me down through Facebook and sent me this photo of me on the beach in Nice when we were on an EF language course together This is a typical A4 Colour Caricature emailed to the client Here\'s a happy victim posing with the caricature that my friend Paul Baker drew when we were working together My friend, the diminutive Paul Baker, with fellow caricaturist, Jim Naylor looming into view

Here\'s Paul Baker and one of his victims A cartoon I was commissioned to draw for the saVVy Club I caricatured the organiser of this event in Newport, South Wales Another table of happy caricature victims

Here\'s the girl who got two caricatures on one night!


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