One of my favourite poems

There’s a reason why I haven’t been so active with this blog. My mother died last Tuesday.
We have been looking at readings for the funeral mass.
Although this isn’t totally appropriate for the death of a mother, this poem by Thomas Hardy is one of my favourites as it seems to encapsulate all the emotions about living life to the full. Carpe Diem!

Best Times
by Thomas Hardy

We went a day’s excursion to the stream,
Basked by the bank, and bent to the ripple-gleam,
And I did not know
That life would show
However it might flower, no finer glow.

I walked in the Sunday sunshine by the road
That wound towards the wicket of your abode,
And I did not think
That life would shrink
To nothing ere it shed a rosier pink.

Unlooked for I arrived on a rainy night
And you hailed me at the door by the swaying light,
And I full forgot
That life might not
Again be touching that ecstatic height.

And that calm eve when you walked up the stair,
After a gaiety prolonged and rare,
No thought soever
That you might never
Walk down again, struck me as I stood there.


2 Responses

  1. Simon, so sorry for your loss, am holding you in my prayers at this time my friend.

  2. Thank you Steve. If I walk to the end of my road, I can see the window of the room in the hospital where she died – and where I made her laugh one last time.

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