How I work at parties, Christmas or otherwise


I draw people within five minutes each on A4 paper in black ink plus grey marker
for tone and some colour, such as red for lips.

I usually include bodies and hobbies for each person, making it extra personal and
keep-able. I can draw about 12 of these per hour.

If volume of caricatures is a priority, I can just do heads and shoulders. Then the
tally can go up to about 15 per hour.

Bear in mind though, that this is an ENTERTAINMENT and the less stress I am
under the better!

The optimum length of time for a session is 2.5 hours after which fatigue starts
affecting the quality of the drawings.

At exhibitions or other events where there is a large throughput of visitors I can
work through a computer onto your plasma screen and provide colour printed
caricatures. (These take longer than the ink and paper ones)

Here’s a video of me in action at a party!

Print your message!
Each sheet of high quality 160gsm smooth paper can be pre-printed with your
logo and /or message FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Drawing Complete Groups
Up to a maximum of 30 people can be drawn in one evening. Then I can take
these away and compose a group in Photoshop and send you back an A2
Printout of the group, plus as many additional A3 prints you would like for
each person to keep. I can also arrange framing.

Other Entertainment
With my extensive contacts withing the corporate entertainment business,
I can supply additional caricaturists to ensure you get a lot of people done.
I can also supply Magicians, Tarot Readers, Silhouettists and all sorts of
entertainers to give your function the sort of variety it deserves.

I can work seated in one spot having guests come to me, or else I can
wander around drawing people as I find them. The latter arrangement
is the most common, while the former is most often used at exhibitions.

At a standard dinner party it is always an ice-breaker to have me drawing
during the drinks reception before the guests go into dinner. Then I will
draw them while they are eating their first course and the dessert. It is
difficult to draw successfully during the main course, but it is not unheard of.
Quality of caricature is of paramount importance!

At all times I need enough light to see both the faces and what I am drawing.
If a disco or band comes on half way through I need a separate well-lit area
where I can draw people adequately.


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