Caricature of Lord Sugar for #TwitterCelebCarix


HERE’S ONE I DON’T expect a response from! The caricature of Lord Alan Sugar was fairly obviously going to be a balack and white cross hatched attempt and sure enough, his craggy, curly heaired visage fitted the bill.


That Robert Peston caricature page from #TwitterCelebCarix


Caricature of Robert Peston (@Peston) for #TwitterCelebCarics


THE BBC ECONOMICS editor has the perfect face for Julian Opie painting. The art of cartooning and caricaturing can cross many boundaries and maintaining a flexibility to style and content can make life a lot moer interesting for this particualr caricaturist working in London!

Caricature of Mary Ann Sieghart (@MASieghart) for #TwitterCelebCarix


THE INDEPENDENT newspaper columnist Mary Ann Sieghart drawn in pencil. Sometimes it seems a shame to finish off a caricature in ink when the pencillings seems to be doing a more or less finished job.

Latest page from #TwitterCelebCarics: Richard Herring @Herring1967


Latest caricature produced for a Twitter profile pic

TWITTER PROFILE PICS become so much more impactful if they are cartoons. As a direct result of my ongoing #TwitterCelebCarix project (search for that hashtag and you’ll see the caricatures I’ve drawn so far) I am beginning to receive commissions from people who’d like a caricature for their profile pic.


Today I was delighted to be able to draw a caricature for @Balhamyte.

What will be his reaction to the caricature drawn by a professional cartoonist from London?


Caricatures drawn by caricaturist at wedding

CARICATURES AT WEDDINGS are incredibly popular. A caricaturist can provide entertainment for the guests when they first arrive at the reception venue after the service and keep them occupied with on the spot caricatures until the wedding meal takes place.


Here’s a picture of the happy bride and groom at a wedding where I was drawing caricatures recently.

By all accounts a very happy time was had by all. Including this professional cartoonist from London!

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