Caricature of Robert Llewellyn (@bobbyllew)

OF COURSE, we all loved him as Kryten in Red Dwarf and as the enthusiastic presenter of Scrapheap Challenge. But Robert Llewellyn is a man for all seasons. With more than eight books to his credit, numerous magazine columns and pushing the boundaries of the web with his cutting edge website, he’s come a long way since working as a shoemaker (eh?) and forming an alternative comedy group The Joeys. Blimey, the man must cram twenty five hours into every day.


The ex-petrolhead-turned electric fanatic now preomotes the Toyota Prius in his programme for Dave, Carpool.

His face was a joy to draw a caricature from. Although, of course, not all photos look their owners in real life. One of the banes of a caricaturist’s life is not knowing HOW GOOD a submitted photo is unless they’re someone famous like Robert Llewellyn.

Welcome to Twitter Celeb Carix, Robert!


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