The Penny Smith @WhichPennySmith caricature page for #TwitterCelebCarix


PENNY’s TWITTER pic shows her with an unusual hairstyle, so we had a discussion on what it looks like at the moment. Apparently, it’s some sort of long, red style which, being a caricaturist’s nightmare, I couldn’t possibly imagine accurately. After referring to Google images it seemed safest to revert to her morewell-known blonde tresses for the final caricature.


Caricature of Penny Smith @WhichPennySmith for #TwitterCelebCarix


THIS WAS AN attempt to get away from the bold black lines and try for a more gentle, muted feel to the entire caricature. Let me know what you think!

Caricature of Lord Sugar for #TwitterCelebCarix


HERE’S ONE I DON’T expect a response from! The caricature of Lord Alan Sugar was fairly obviously going to be a balack and white cross hatched attempt and sure enough, his craggy, curly heaired visage fitted the bill.

That Robert Peston caricature page from #TwitterCelebCarix


Caricature of Robert Peston (@Peston) for #TwitterCelebCarics


THE BBC ECONOMICS editor has the perfect face for Julian Opie painting. The art of cartooning and caricaturing can cross many boundaries and maintaining a flexibility to style and content can make life a lot moer interesting for this particualr caricaturist working in London!

Caricature of Mary Ann Sieghart (@MASieghart) for #TwitterCelebCarix


THE INDEPENDENT newspaper columnist Mary Ann Sieghart drawn in pencil. Sometimes it seems a shame to finish off a caricature in ink when the pencillings seems to be doing a more or less finished job.

Latest page from #TwitterCelebCarics: Richard Herring @Herring1967


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