Cartoons of me by other people!

In a new occasional feature, I will be posting cartoons and caricatures that have been drawn of me by other people. As I circulate in a wide European circle of cartoonists have collected a lot of these unique pieces of artwork and each of them bring back fond memories.

Here’s a birthday present from Guy Carter – a superb cartoon strip celebrating my contribution to the world of comedy:

Cartoon Strip by Guy Carter

Cartoon Strip by Guy Carter


Sir Alan Sugar Caricatured by The London Caricaturist!

Amstrad boss and terrifying nemesis of many would-be entrepreneurs on TV show The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.

His good friend and Aviation expert, George Galanopoulos sensibly commissioned a colour caricature of Sir Alan and his wife Lady Ann. My good friend and colleague, Steve Hearn was unable to complete this in time so he kindly put George (and his wife Amanda) in touch with me.

As they’re so much into flying and tennis, the following image was approved and the finished colour caricature was very well-received!
Sir Alan and Lady Anne Sugar

The Speech bubbles were not my idea – George commissioned those as well! Apparently the Sugars would find them very funny!

How to draw a complex group caricature

I had to delay the completion of this particular blog until after the finished framed caricature was delivered to the client, which I did last Tuesday – he was, of course, delighted. Now, I am happy to reveal the stage by stage method of creating a complex group caricature:

The client contacts me and eventually sends me what seems to be hundreds of photos of all the people involved in the caricature.

I like to streamline the process, so rather than print out each photo individually, I use Photoshop to crop them all down to the margins of the face and lay them all out together on sheets of A4. This produces ‘contact sheets’ of all the faces I am going to have to draw.

Group Caricature Pics

I make sure I don’t forget who’s who by typesetting names in as I go.

Then the client sends me a list of each person with details of what they should be doing in the caricature. They often send me their own thumbnail sketch which is always a very handy starting point for any artist.

Caricature List and Client Sketch

Next: to start drawing all those faces!

Lots of NEWS coming soon!

As is often the case, I am taken away for days at a time by either work or travel and then it takes ages updating the blog!

When things settle down I will be able to entertain and delight you with NEWS of the Louviers Cartoon Festival, from which I have just returned, in France. I will also be able to announce MY NEW WEBSITE, launched today, and I will be able to continue the short series on how to draw a group caricature.

All that and more will appear within this blog. Do keep coming back!

New! Cartoon Poem Section!

Yes, that’s right. In the navigation bar across the top you’ll find a new section where I am going to deposit any Cartoon Poems that I manage to dredge up from the archives or create anew.

I hope you enjoy them!

Award Winning Cartoonist wins Again!

It’s only a small thing really, but my genius (which is only a small thing really) has been recognised once again.

This wonderful Ning-based site awards monthly prizes for works of writing, art and cartoons. They decided that this little cartoon of mine was worthy of a £25.00 prize!

When I drew it several years ago, I sent it around the few outlets we cartoonists have in this country (Private Eye, Spectator, New Statesman er, that’s about it…) and received the expected rejections.

Now it’s earned me £25.00!

Delayed Law of Attraction or what?

Rude Cartoons!

The following cartoons illustrate a FILTHY comic poem I used to perform (with the cartoons on a flipchart) around the Clubs in London.

Can you work out the story by looking at the cartoons?

Anyone who’s curious to see the original MIND-NUMBINGLY DEPRAVED and disgusting poem, just PM me and I’ll point you in the right direction!

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